A Pumpkin Spiced Program

All year long, Spookologists exist in a perpetual state of spookiness. They are actively seeking out experiences that will fill them with the same joy found in an overflowing trick or treat bag! And while they’re busy sorting through all their candy, the Spookologist is also helping carry out what we like to call “the Samhain Scheme!” 

The Samhain Scheme is designed to aid in  shifting society to be more pleasing to Spookologists. While most of us are probably outcasts (some of us, happily so!), we also acknowledge that without our support in these areas, the very essence of our philosophy could be lost from the view of mainstream society; and therefore, be harder to achieve and maintain on an individual level. 

In five points, the Samhain Scheme reflects the goals of Spookology, and by proxy, the Order of the Jack-O-Lantern.

The five points are as follows:

1.) Encourage the celebration of Halloween, horror movies, and the macabre. 

2.) Preserve the traditions and customs of All Hallow’s Eve.

3.) Provide a space for dark fantasy and imagination to flourish. 

4.) Support our members in their spooky goals and achievements by recognizing their accomplishments.

5.) Encourage growth in movements and industries that support our haunted aesthetics, creativity, and eerie entertainment.