Halloween all year long!

To put it quite simply, Spookology is a philosophy centered around Halloween, horror, and all things spooky. We find that Halloween, horror, and the general macabre gives us wonderful archetypes to attach meaning to. Using spooky symbols helps us to accomplish our goals and move forward in our lives. As strange as it is, Spookology is a vital and life-loving philosophy! 

Turns out, there is quite a bit to be afraid of…

The reason that Halloween is such an important holiday is because it recognizes the darker impulses within the human mind. Before the age of trick or treating, the ancients had quite a bit to fear. Plenty of legends and myths were born out of the fear of the unknown, the dark, and the ugly. Spookology presents an alternative perspective: perhaps the aforementioned things, and fear itself, should be celebrated. Spookology celebrates the darker side of life. We understand that things aren’t always going to be light-hearted and fun, and we don’t believe they should be! Death, decay, fear, and dread all have their rightful place in life. Everyone, eventually, will experience a manifestation of it at some point in their lives, if they haven’t already. So, instead of turning a blind eye to the uncomfortable, we embrace it. 

The darkness within…

Spookology also acknowledges the inherent darkness that is present within all human beings. We all have selfish, nihilistic, and negative thoughts, sometimes. Those aren’t to be ignored. Very often, clarity can come from unexpected places. And one of those places is within our own haunted minds. Spookology is a philosophy that acknowledges that life isn’t always pretty or happy. Sometimes, it’s scary. But it’s how we conquer and use our fear that makes us successful and happy individuals. 

In some quick points, here’s a general overview of the philosophy of Spookology:

-The main points of the philosophy can be found in the descriptions of the Symbols, the Monsters, and the Trick Or Treat Treatise.

-We apply the archetypes of the most infamous Monsters to our lives. By applying certain Monsters and what they represent to our lives, we find that we can better navigate the strange twists and turns of existence. 

-We use the symbols of Halloween to contextualize our goals and dreams. By doing this, we find it easier form strategies and find solutions to any issues that may be in our way.

-We acknowledge the darkest parts of the human mind, and choose to celebrate these aspects via embracing Halloween and the macabre as parts of ourselves. We don’t fear ourselves, as we know that unnecessary fear accomplishes nothing.

-Spookology rejects any kind of compulsory social conformity. We live life the way we want and value our own creativity and individuality. However, we understand when and how to make social norms work for us, rather than against.

-Spookologists embrace death as just another part of life to be celebrated, rather than feared. We think mainstream society has an unhealthy relationship with death and the subject of dying.

-Spookologists understand that humans tend to fear what they don’t understand. However, we encourage rational judgment and analysis into any given topic before letting it turn into something to fear.