Membership Information

What benefits does one get as a member?

A few things. For one, they would get the satisfaction of knowing that they’ve helped to grow the movement of Spookology and encouraging greater society to join us in the shadows. Next, members are encouraged to participate in projects led by the Order. These can include many things, all relating to Halloween and spookiness! 

Are members paid?

No. We do not pay our members, and all activity that a member performs is completely voluntary. 

Do I have to be a member of the Order of the Jack-O-Lantern to be a Spookologist?

Not at all. Anyone with a love of all things spooky and a resonance for our philosophy is a Spookologist. As far as that goes, there are no further requirements. However, in order to take part in any Spookological activities put on by the Order, one must be a member. 

I’ve joined, now what?

Get in contact with us! Send us an email, join our Facebook groups, follow us on social media and see what you can do to get involved. The Order of the Jack-O-Lantern is always looking to get started on new projects, and perhaps you can help to manifest that! 

Can I cancel my membership?

If you find that membership in the Order of the Jack-O-Lantern is no longer something desirable to you, you can simply send us a request to cancel your membership via email, with your membership information, and we will terminate your membership.

Can I reactivate my membership it has been terminated?

So long as cancelling your membership was a voluntary decision on your part and not on the behalf of the Administration of the Order of the Jack-O-Lantern, then yes, we can activate a new membership for you.