The Monsters

As Spookologists, we know that monsters aren’t outside lurking about. They’re within us, pushing and pulling us towards our desires and goals like a horse-drawn hearse! We are the monsters! 

How relieving that is knowing that the only thing one has to fear is their own ability to harm themselves. 

The point of Spookology is for the Spookologist to use spooky imagery to fuel their drive in accomplishing their goals. 

We find that horror movies, pop culture, and folklore provide excellent symbols in creating a philosophical system for attaining desires. 

While Spookology is not for everyone, those who identify with and understand it will be able to use it for their own success, hopefully helping to preserve the traditions and customs of All Hallows’ Eve along the way.

The Vampire

Vampires symbolize the drive to fulfill our innermost desires, with or without approval from the outside world. The Vampire represents controlled selfishness, as it must stay hidden to continue its reign of terror. Our desire to live outweighs the hold of death, and so we keep searching for vibrant experiences to enrich our lives.

The Wolfman

The Wolfman symbolizes the changes that we go through as people. At different times we are different people and that’s perfectly fine. Life, just like the moon, has phases and cycles. Our personal realities aren’t exempt from strange changes. 

The Witch

The Witch symbolizes the ability to manifest desires and bring goals to fruition. Through hard work (and maybe some spell-casting) you can accomplish your dreams!

The Creature

The Creature of the Black Lagoon represents adaptability. He is able to walk on both land and water, symbolizing how we should be able to adapt to our surroundings rather than succumbing to them. Though the waters might be murky sometimes, there is always hope and with enough personal power (or bloodlust) we can rise to the top and achieve our desires. 

The Monster

The Monster represents the repair that one might need after going through difficult times.

It may take some stitches, nuts and bolts, and electric jolts, but we pull ourselves together and move on. We may be a little bit different than we were before, but we quickly learn the lesson and learn to be complete again. 

The Zombie

The Zombie represents our hunger for knowledge. As the dead long for brains, we sustain an appetite for knowledge. We’re always learning and growing, and we should make sure to always work to expand our horizons. 

The Ghost

The Ghost represents the legacy that we leave on this world when we’re gone. How will our accomplishments and dreams survive us in a world we no longer live in? How can we leave an impact that will haunt the masses (or a select few) for ages?