The Mask

Represents a veil to wear to make the masses see what you want them to see. It represents the hidden, the secret, the occult. 

The Pumpkin

Represents the true self, something the world at large may not ever see. Once carved, you can see everything a pumpkin has within. And so, remember to decorate yourself in whatever way makes you the happiest! 

The Black Cat

Ever heard the saying: “don’t let a black cat cross your path?”  Forget it. Rather than fear these beautiful creatures, use them to remember that obstacles and challenges make life worth living. Otherwise it’d be boring! And make sure to always pet the black kitties! They’re usually very sweet! 

The Bat

Bats represent the necessary evils. While most people that love Halloween probably love bats, as well, there are still many who fear them; despite their essential role in the environment. We, like the bat, can rise above our fears! 

The Coffin

Remember to take a rest. Just like Dracula, we all need our beauty sleep to take on the world around us. Don’t overwork yourself. How is one supposed to enjoy the pleasures of being spooky all the time when you’re dead-tired (pun intended). You’re not going to be able to fulfill all of your dark desires when all you can think about is your head hitting the pillow. Even just a day of relaxing is highly beneficial! Care for yourself and then begin your terror crusade!

The Tombstone

The Tombstone is reminder of what is to come, whether in the distant future or sooner than we might expect. After all, look far enough into the future and you’ll be looking at the liner of a casket or the lid of an urn. Morbid, perhaps. But also, somewhat affirming. We have a life to live. And we shouldn’t waste the only time we get! Think about tomorrow, but live for today! 

The Broomstick

What sort of magic are you using to make your life better? What methods are you trying to get that promotion or woo that special someone? You’re powerful, remember that.


Candy represents the things in life that make living so sweet! These are the pleasures that we seek to enrich our lives! Just like on Halloween night, we want our bags full, and so we set short and long term goals to fulfill our desires.