Guidlines for Ghouls

The Trick Or Treat Treatise is a list of ten guidelines that Spookologists should strive to uphold in their lives. Essentially, these guidelines point out how Spookologists should be living. It is our belief that by maintaining these points, we will be able to live life happily and hauntedly!

1.) Don’t rot out your fangs with too much candy!

Healthy moderation is key for most pleasures in life. Treat (don’t trick) yourself! 

2.) Remember to take a rest in the coffin.

Sometimes, you need time away from others and a quiet place to relax. Find that place and care for yourself. 

3.) Haunt your own house.

If another ghost tries to haunt your home, don’t be afraid to exorcise them. Show respect when visiting other haunts. 

4.) Avoid angry mobs and Monster Slayers.

There will be people who don’t like you. Don’t waste a lot of energy and effort trying to convince them otherwise. They may stake you. 

5.) Remember that behind every mask is a face.

Remember to be cautious of people, as many of them will pull a trick on you, if given the opportunity. Not everyone is who they seem to be. 

6.) Share your candy with your friends.

Show kindness to your loved ones. If they really mean something to you, make sure to show it. Being needlessly stingy doesn’t keep friends around for very long. 

7.) Don’t throw your candy wrappers on the ground.

Remember to clean up the messes you make in life, both literally and metaphorically. And never leave trash outside! 

8.) Don’t let anyone steal your candy. And if they try, steal theirs instead!

Don’t let others walk all over you and treat you badly. If they do, set firm boundaries. If they continue, make them regret it. They asked for it.

9.) Be cautious of who you let read your spellbook.

Don’t tell just anyone anything. Not everyone needs to know your business, and some secrets are better left kept. 

10.) Don’t hurt little monsters or familiars.

A child’s innocence is precious. Never put them in harm’s way. The same goes for animals.